The Bloodsuckers, Episode 21: All the Dirty Details

Somehow Scott’s invitation for “coffee” became extended—to the point he stayed at Josie’s house the entire weekend. And it was the best weekend of his life.

They thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company, talking almost endlessly, watching movies and old television shows on Netflix, playing with the dog, and trying their damnedest to do every possible sexual position in every possible place in the house. Nothing was sacred—not the bathtub, or the couch, or the kitchen table. Josie liked variety and she liked things a bit rough. Scott endeavored to please her in every possible sense of the word.

Sunday night, Josie’s younger sister called.

“What’s up, Becca?” Josie said, as she answered the phone.

Scott could hear Becca’s response on the other end of the line. “Hey, what’s up with you? Mom said you were ignoring her.”

“I told Mom I’d call her once my date left,” Josie said with a laugh.

“He’s there again?”

“He never left.” Josie sounded exceptionally pleased with herself.

“Do tell! Give me all the dirty details!”

Josie glanced at Scott with a grin. “He’s sitting beside me right now, listening.”

“So? Are you afraid of being honest?”

Josie covered the phone with her hand, whispering to Scott. “My sister has no tact. She’s very blunt.”

“So I noticed.”

Josie spoke into the phone again. “You’ll have to wait until later.”

“Not any good, huh?”

“The exact opposite,” Josie said, sounding a little indignant.

Scott found himself smiling.

“Great in bed?” Becca asked.

“And everywhere else.”

Becca cackled. “Awesome! No wonder you’ve been too busy to talk! But who is he? Mom’s afraid it’s your boss.”

“It is.”

There was silence on the other end of the line for a moment. “Are you serious?” Becca asked in disbelief.

“As a heart attack.”

“You’re dating your boss?”


“Isn’t he a vampire?”


“Geez, no wonder Mom’s having a cow.”

“Well, that and he’s not Jewish.”

“Ow. Three strikes and you’re out.”

“Well, I figured if I’m going to be a disappointment, I might as well do it right.”

“Does he know what Mom and Dad are like? Remember Tristan?”

“Yeah, Scott’s been warned about that.”

“Michael says they weren’t the reason they broke up, but I think it was a contributing factor.”

“It certainly didn’t help things any.”

“But maybe, since your boss is a vampire, they’ll be afraid to be too hard on him.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that.”

“Well, I wouldn’t either, but it’s a hope.”


“So, what do you see in him?”

“Besides the fact that he’s good-looking, well-built, funny, intelligent, sweet, and saved my life?”

“Yeah, besides those few things.”

“He’s a vampire.”

“Does that do it for you?”

“Oh, hell yeah.”

“Does he bite you?”

“Only when I ask real nice.”


“I’m going to get off here. You’re wasting valuable make-out time.”

“Oh, far be it for me to waste your precious make-out time. Wouldn’t want that to happen,” Becca replied with dripping sarcasm.

“Later, nerd,” Josie said.

“Later, worm.”

Josie turned off the phone.

“‘Worm?’” Scott questioned.

Josie laughed. “Yeah, I’m a bookworm, Becca is a nerd, and Michael has a ramrod up his ass.”

Scott laughed. “What do you mean?”

“He’s always been very serious—very into following the rules. Uptight.”

“I thought you said he was cool?”

“Oh, he’s mellowed out as he’s gotten older. I think half of it was an act anyways, just so he could feel superior to his little sisters. He’s still a bit reserved—especially compared to me and Becca—but he does have a sense of humor. It’s rather dry, but he does have it. Don’t let his serious act fool you.”

“I’ll have to meet him someday—and your sister, too.”

Josie smiled. “That’ll be sooner rather than later. Now that they know about you—and especially what they know about you—they’ll want to meet you. Expect an invitation in the next couple of weeks.”

Despite Josie’s assurances that her siblings were relaxed and would probably like him, Scott couldn’t help but feel nervous about her family. After all, his wife had rejected him completely for being a vampire, and his own family had pushed him aside as if he had the plague—and he had even less going for him with Josie’s family than he had with his own. He just hoped he could win them over. Or at least hold out.

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5 comments on “The Bloodsuckers, Episode 21: All the Dirty Details

  1. Wallace says:

    Now that you are up to 21 installments, do you plan to copy 11 thru 20 to the Smashwords like you did 1 thru 10?

    • Keri Peardon says:

      Yes, that’s what’s on my to-do list. (I just checked today and Volume 1 has been downloaded 122 times.)

      • Wallace says:

        122 times! That’s great, both for the serial and for PR for you. That’s in addition to all the people who also read it online on your blog. Lot’s of potential fans for your novel.

  2. threenorns says:

    that’s it!????? there’s no more yet!!!!? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    i feel like a vampire who’s just discovered somebody put an empty bloodjug back into the fridge and the store’s closed.

    • Keri Peardon says:

      You’re not going to starve! LOL.

      I release a new episode every Friday (okay, sometimes it’s Saturday if I’m busy or I can’t readily come up with something new). I have a new episode to release today (look for it sometime this afternoon), and I think it’s going to be the funniest yet! I was cackling last night while I wrote it.

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