Pre-Release of My E-Book

I’ve raised enough money to fund my Kickstarter project! (Thank you to everyone who contributed!)

But, if you would like to purchase a pre-release copy of my book (in e-book format), there is still a little time left (until Wednesday, Jun 27, 10:57am EDT. ). The pre-release copy costs the same as the retail copy, and you’re guaranteed to get itat least thirty days before the actual release date (guaranteed by October 1st, versus the hard release date of October 31st).

Right now, however, I’m ahead of schedule with my edits, so I might be delivering the pre-release copy as early as August or September.

If the computer gods are with me (right now that’s not the case; my work computer got infected with a virus and had to be wiped and reinstalled, and the catalytic converter in my car is messed up), then I hope to have the biggest part of my website up this weekend. I’ve already designed most of it; I just needed the backing to buy the domain name and hosting.

And, thanks to my friends, family, and fans, I now have that! I hope you all enjoy the book, let me know if you see any glaring typos, and also enjoy the background information, apocryphal stories, and other tidbits which you will soon find on my website.


2 comments on “Pre-Release of My E-Book

  1. andrea hines says:

    best of luck, i enjoy the adventures of the vampire lawyer

    • Keri Peardon says:

      Thank you! Glad you’re liking the adventures of Scott. It’s been an interesting experiment. Writing a serial novel isn’t anything like writing a regular one or even a short stories.

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