Acceptance Book Cover

Last night I came home from work, sat down with my dinner, and in about 7 hours, I made a cover for my book, Acceptance.

You know, the one I said I wasn’t going to self-publish.

And I was thinking about it this morning, and I decided that I’m not going to self-publish it in paperback and e-format in November, on the 3-year anniversary of its beginning.

Because I said I wouldn’t.

But if, say, I were to self-publish my book, its cover would look like this.

I am really pleased with how it turned out. I think it looks pretty professional. Certainly it looks a hell of a lot better than my previous proof copies, which were made using the CreateSpace cover generator. (It’ s fine for making proofs just to read and edit, but it’s definitely not what you want to sell to the public; it looks like a half-assed, self-published thing.)

I thought that, over the next week, I might do a little series on my blog on how I designed my cover… for the book I’m not self-publishing. I could have never done it if I hadn’t had some Photoshop classes at a technical college, and even then, I learned a few things as I work–things that can save you time and hassle. So get yourself a copy of Photoshop and get ready to learn a few things.

4 comments on “Acceptance Book Cover

  1. Wallace says:

    Very good! I like the cover you made, it looks very professional. The only thing I would mention is I hope this is just a low res version of the cover for your blog and not the actual copy you plan to use on the book. I clicked on the picture and blew it up to 100% and I found the italics at the top of the page to be unreadable. I then blew it up to 200% and found them barely readable. This may just be due to the low res copy on your blog and the actual book cover will be much higher resolution and only gets sharper as one zooms in. In any event, I like your book cover, it is a good tie in to your blog art that people are already familiar with.

    • keripeardon says:

      Oh, yeah, it’s a much smaller picture than the actual one. The actual one is several megs. This one is only 100-some-odd KBs. I could have never gotten the actual one to upload over dial-up, and I really don’t want to take up that much of my media storage on my blog.

      The italic text shows up clearly on the actual copy. It says: “Kalyn always found Hollywood’s version of vampires quite funny. Everyone seemed to think they should be tall, young, and good-looking. Isaac was a short, middle-aged Jewish man; no one would have ever pegged him, of all people, to be a vampire.”

  2. andrea hines says:

    you also said you would publish it—so now all your bases are covered and you won’t look indecisive —–well, maybe a little

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