Smashwords Review

I just got my first review on Smashwords for The Bloodsuckers (and by somebody I don’t even know!):

[Five stars] Really funny, I’m waiting for more.

I am up to 64 downloads in, what, a week?

I am almost done writing my first draft of a contemporary romance short story. I’m thinking I might publish it on Smashwords, just to see how it does. The ultimate comparison would be to write a second contemporary romance short story and publish it only on Amazon, and then compare the final sales figures. I better crack that whip!

2 comments on “Smashwords Review

  1. andrea hines says:

    or sell the same one on Amazon too

    • keripeardon says:

      It doesn’t work that way because Smashwords puts your work on Amazon (and a number of other places). They work kind of like a publisher in that respect, putting your work in a number of stores (including their own). If I put something on Amazon myself, I make more money (because Smashwords does take a cut of your royalties), but I’m also in a lot fewer markets… unless I want to specifically format and publish my story individually to other stores. And in that case, I’d rather pay Smashwords to do it.

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