I formatted the fist 10 episodes of The Bloodsuckers for my Kindle this weekend and was all prepared to upload it here so that people who are behind could easily get caught up. Then I realized that I can’t upload a file which you can, in turn, download.

So I was left scratching my head, trying to figure out how to make this available to my readers. I didn’t think I could upload something to Amazon that was permanently free, but I went into the forums to see if anyone had already asked this question.

Lo and behold, someone recommended Smashwords for just this problem. I had taken a brief look at Smashwords after seeing it recommended once before, but I didn’t want to use it when I published The Last Golden Dragon because they take a cut of the royalties and there’s no reason why I couldn’t upload the story to Amazon myself. (They upload things to multiple publishers simultaneously, but I decided I wanted to go only with Amazon.)

But Smashwords is also its own store, where you can buy e-books only from independent authors. And they will allow you to upload books which are permanently free.


So, not only are the first 10 episodes of The Bloodsuckers available in one, easy-to-read, electronic-format volume, but it’s also in the Smashwords store, which will hopefully bring my blog some new readers.

So, provided I have the right link, here is Volume 1 of The Bloodsuckers: Vampire Lawyers of Middle Tennessee on Smashwords. You have the option of downloading it in multiple e-reader formats, computer formats, and smartphone apps. All the bloody justice you could ever want to sink your teeth into!

(P. S. You may have to change your settings on Smashwords to see “adult” content. While my story doesn’t count as (and will never count as) erotica, given that it does have some sex and a lot of violence in it, I thought it best to consider it adult and limit the sales to people over the age of 18. Minors will just have to continue to read it here… shame on you!)

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