Troll Brain Screws Me Again

Sometimes a rage comic is just the best form of expression.

So, we’re coming back from vacation on Sunday, and about halfway through an 8-hour car ride, I get comfy in my seat, put on my headphones, and chill to my eclectic blend of music.

My husband’s window was down and the breeze felt good. I was soaking up some sunlight, getting my vitamin D. I closed my eyes and got into pre-nap mode.

Then I began thinking about a scene for my second book. I imagined a conversation between Kalyn and Anselm. It was kind of romantic, then it covered a lot of really important points, and ended up with Anselm simultaneously laughing and crying over the memory of Isaac. It was all quite beautiful, really.

When I got home, I had to take a bath and then I went to bed, exhausted. The next evening I realized I left my USB key at work, so I didn’t have the most recent copy of the book, and I knew better than to mix versions.

Finally, on Tuesday, I had the time to write that scene.


This is why I try to write down everything as soon as I think of it–even if it’s out of order, or is for a book or story I’m not primarily working on at the moment. If I don’t, good things are lost forever.

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