Ugh, Pictures

Okay, I’m going to have to do something I’ve been dreading since I wrote my biography: I’m going to have to have a professional picture made. I hate, hate, hate having pictures made. I am not photogenic at all. But pictures of me from my medieval wedding are just not going to cut it anymore. So, after we get back from vacation–and I scrape up some cash–I’m going to have to go have my picture made.

Speaking of pictures, I’m bumming because there’s no picture to go with my short story. Yeah, it’s just a short story, but I think it doesn’t look very interesting sitting there on Amazon without a picture. I’ve found one I like on Shutterstock (it’s $19, which means I’d have to sell 53 copies of my story to recoup the cost), and another on deviantART (I’ve got a message into the artist to see what it would cost to buy). It’s rather hard to find a picture of a dragon which is not evil-looking, much less gold.

2 comments on “Ugh, Pictures

  1. Wallace says:

    Rather than buy some stock picture that’s not quite right for the story, maybe you can find a local artist who will draw a custom picture for you that exactly matches what you want. They could retain the rights to the picture, but allow you to use it on your Amazon site for the story. I know Master Saher or Charles Edward Dodson , or my friend Mark Jackson or even Julia Morgan Scott could do some great art for you. If you’ve seen her pictures, you’d be impressed. Why give money to a stranger when you’ve got friends who do great work right here.

    • keripeardon says:

      It’s cheaper to pay royalties on an image that’s already created than to commission one from scratch. There’s a lot of great, undiscovered talent on

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