The Last Golden Dragon is now available for sale on Amazon.

If you have Amazon Prime, it will be available in the lending library (I still get paid when people borrow the story from the library, so feel free to borrow it at no cost to yourself).

Even though I’m only self-published (let’s face it, anyone can self-publish, regardless if they can actually write), I am still feeling triumphant. I’ve been writing plenty, but have had a bad tendency to get bogged down in editing–especially the final edit for grammar and typos. So finishing my edits and getting this story to market is, at the very least, a triumph over procrastination.

There’s also the fact that I’ve opened myself up to the ratings and comments people can leave on Amazon. My dad, the professional comedian, talks about how hard it is to walk out on a stage and entertain a large group of people. While he certainly has the harder task, it’s also difficult to write something, be very proud of it, and then allow anonymous people critique it–perhaps unfavorably. More than a few writers balk at making their work public because they do not want to invite criticism.

2 comments on “PUBLISHED!

  1. Trey Taylor says:

    Congratulations Keri !

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