Publishing a Short Story

I am not a big fan of short stories–either writing them or reading them.

But while I was living in Ireland, I was inspired to write some Irish fairy tales, and originally planned to compile them into a book. One came out okay, one sort of “meh,” and one never got finished because I didn’t know how to end it.

But one story did get finished, and I thought it a very good story. The problem was I couldn’t do anything with it. At approximately 14,000 words (that’s about 50 book-size pages), it wasn’t long enough to be its own book, yet the rest of the book it was supposed to be in crapped out on me.

So it’s moved from hard drive to hard drive for eleven years, and I occasionally open it and read it for my own entertainment.

But looking at publishing free e-copies of short stories or novellas for the purposes of marketing made me remember it. I did a couple of edits on it, and now I have two friends proofing it for me. I also set up a Kindle publishing account at Amazon. If all goes as I think it will (after actually reading the terms and conditions of the account, I’m not entirely sure if I can publish something which remains perpetually free, but from my perusal of the free books on Kindle, it sort of looks like you can), then I will publish it on Amazon in the next couple of weeks. But even if it doesn’t go as I want, I’ll still convert it to e-reader formats and publish it here. (Although that’s not nearly as effective a marketing tool as having it on Amazon, where lots of people are searching for books and stories–especially free ones.)

(I have absolutely no idea who the artist is of this beautiful picture; I found it on a free wallpaper website and it did not have any artist credit. Leave a comment if you know who it belongs to.)

So, here is the description:

Aine is a willful young woman, determined to travel the world and become a bard of great renown. But first she has to have stories to tell. So one night she sneaks away from home and sets out on a journey to find the last golden dragon.

But, instead, she meets Eamonn—a solitary young man who is not quite what he seems. A lifelong companion of the dragon, he can give Aine the stories she’s looking for, but can she give him what he needs most in return?

“The Last Golden Dragon” is a romantic fairy tale of approximately 14,000 words. Although intended for an adult audience, its PG rating makes it acceptable for pre-teens and teens as well.


2 comments on “Publishing a Short Story

  1. Bill McNutt says:

    Publish it for a buck.

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