Recapping Week Two of The List

I accomplished my list on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday were not good. Having only two or three things of importance on my list, I filled the remainder of my tasks with filing, etc. And promptly didn’t do any of it. Oh, I still accomplished the important stuff (which is still an improvement), but I didn’t do any of the piddly stuff. It just didn’t seem important enough to motivate to do.

Thursday, I had more regular work to do, so I only put one piddly task on it. I thought, surely I will feel motivated to do the one piddly task in order to have a clean list. But Thursday was filled with procrastination. I had a serious case of the holidays, and it didn’t look like I was going to get much of anything on my list done. (The more time you spend procrastinating, the harder it is to break out of the cycle. As Sir Isaac Newton postulated, “An ass at rest tends to stay at rest, unless some force acts upon it.”)

But in the last half hour of the day, I pulled myself up and knocked out the last few things on the list–including the filing. I walked out of the office for the holidays with a sense of accomplishment. The day’s list: done. The filing task I set for myself: finally done. A list ready to go for Tuesday: done.

As I had today off, I made myself a list of housework, sticking to my new idea of 5-6 items. I put 6 on there and I only have three items left on the list to do. And although it wasn’t on the list, I changed the sheets and made up the bed, and while I was waiting for my lunch to cook, I put out the trash, picked up the kitchen, put away the clean dishes and washed about half of the dirty ones. Which proves Newton’s other theory: An ass in motion tends to stay in motion unless a force acts against it.

Time now to go do that most dreaded of all chores: empty the cat’s litterbox.

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