Procrastination Update Delivered On Time!

I had an ugly task on my list today: drafting a long, annoying document, printing 19 copies, and mailing all of them out.

I broke it down into three tasks and then filled up the rest of my day with less annoying tasks. I came into work resolved to knock out my annoying tasks this morning (because I have better concentration and stamina in the morning), and while it went into the early afternoon (namely because I had to stop and do an emergency task in the middle of it, and, oh, my copier jammed several times while printing all of it), I got it done, then I promptly kicked the rest of the list’s ass. Inbox: caught up completely. Tomorrow is a day of filing and billing.

The list on the weekend is not working as well as the list at work, though. I put 10 things on my Sunday list and got 5 done, plus did a couple of other things which were not on the list but which were chores that needed to be done (so we’ll say 7). Saturday was a jammed-pack day, with religious service, a holiday party, cooking for said party, 4 hours total spent in the car traveling to various destinations, etc. While we didn’t get home late, both my husband and I were so tired that we went to bed immediately and slept very late.

So I should hardly find it surprising that I was less than enthusiastic about spending my one day off (my one day when I didn’t have to set the alarm clock) doing a lot of cleaning.

I still got enough cleaning done that, overall, progress has been made. (In other words, I’m cleaning more every week than we’re messing up.) I think, however, that I still need to lighten my expectations. After all, the weekend is my time to relax, and I do spend half of Saturday at religious services. So I’m thinking I can keep the 10-item list, but I need to give myself all weekend to do it. Or, when I only have one day free (like this past weekend), then I cut it to 5 items (7 if a few of them are not time-intensive).

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