Procrastination Busted… This Week

Here’s my one-week update on the procrastination list.

It worked.

It’s Friday evening and I got all of my Friday list accomplished. Admittedly, yesterday I didn’t do so well. One of my tasks–which should have been easy–became terribly complex and drawn out, plus I ended up having to work on something which I thought was already wrapped up. That depressed me to the point that I gave up on the list partway through the day. Obviously something I need to work on. But, yesterday’s incomplete tasks ended up on today’s list and I got them all done.

In fact, I ended up getting everything done this week that I wanted to, with the exception of my weekly chores: some billing and filing. But given the amount of work I’ve done this week (much of it catch-up), I feel really accomplished, and I should have some slower days next week which will allow me the time to do the piddly tasks.

Lesson learned: when I put something on my list that I KNOW I’m going to hate doing, I need to lighten my entire load for the day, because it’s going to take me a while to muddle through that hated task. Also, 7-10 tasks is the most I can do in a day (not counting the things I have to deal with on the spur of the moment–tasks from my attorney, the phone, clients, etc.).

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