Query Letter Time Again

Instead of doing the edits on Acceptance, I spent my weekend finishing the editing on The Flames of Prague. I think, though, that I’m going to go back and consolidate two chapters so that I can slip one more in; I think we need to see the birth of Jakub and Alzbeta’s son before we transition into Part Two, which picks up the story from that son’s POV.

And, just because it takes forever to draft, I have started on my query letter for the book. First version, as usual, was voted craptastic, but with some suggestions, I did a total rewrite. It’s like I have to get one (or three) bad query letters out of my system before I can write a decent one.

If you’re curious about query letters, look at the editing process and submit your own at NaNoWriMo’s Query Letter Critique. I feel I get good advice, without it being as brutal as some other query letter forums.

If you see anyone mentioning “the three questions,” which every query letter must answer, they are these:

  1. Who is theĀ protagonist? (You don’t have to state this baldly–ex. Bob is my protagonist–but it should be clear from the letter who the story centers on. Repeat the main character’s name throughout the query.)
  2. What is the conflict? (I.e. what is the plot? What difficulty is your protagonist trying to overcome?)
  3. How is the conflict resolved? (You don’t have to give away the ending of your story, but you do need to at least suggest what is going to happen to resolve the ending.)

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