I finished my last few paragraphs of my historic romance novel yesterday and began the editing process, cutting close to 1,000 words. If I have ten more such days, I’ll be on target.

While exploring Harlequin’s website (they take unsolicited manuscripts, so I thought I would try them first for my romance), I found that they have a publishing division called LUNA which takes fantasy. Romance can be a subplot, but should not be the primary plot mover (I’ve got that). The main character should be female and the story primarily told from her POV (I’ve got that too). She should be a strong woman, out to conquer/save things (definitely got that). It should be 100,000-120,000 words (I’m good to go).

So I am now salivating over this potential for my trilogy. I have a bunch of handwritten grammar/typo changes that I made in my last proof copy, and I’ve just not sat down and made the changes to the Word document, because, let’s face it, that’s really boring and tedious. But my house needs a major clean and my husband is going to be away most of the weekend, so I’m going to take it in turns to clean and make those edits. I want to get that manuscript in the mail so the 6-12 months it takes for anyone to get around to reading it and responding can be ticking.


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