Getting Down and Dirty

My word output for my book has slowed (I’m right at 35,000 words now) as I have started having to spend more time researching Bohemian history, clothing, currency, and knighting rituals. I’ve also spent some time consulting my husband, who has a lot of knowledge of medieval arms, armor, and social structure among nobility.

And I have now added Prague to my list of “Places I want to visit someday.” It is a very beautiful city.

I am getting jiggy with the two-part story idea; I think it’s working. I just hope I can get away with killing the hero towards the end. I love killing off characters; I revel in building them up to complete and total awesomeness, only to let them die in bloody, gory ways. I want to rip my reader’s heart out and stomp on it. Because to me, I have not succeeded as a writer unless my readers love my characters so much, they cry over them.

Of course, killing my hero off definitely kills the buzz of a romance novel. My Acceptance trilogy is different because it’s not romance, and the tone from the beginning is dark. You can tell something is building in the background, so it’s hardly a shock when everything explodes and people start dropping like flies.

I might have trouble with editors/readers when I kill off Jakub–although I’m going to make sure he dies in a romantic, heroic way. And the story doesn’t end there; vengeance must be extracted! Villains must die in horrible ways! And Jakub’s Jewish daughter must find unexpected romance with a Christian knight and start the cycle all over again.


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