A New Project

If you’ve been wondering why my blog suddenly fell quiet, I’ve been busy at work with several large cases (including a million dollar+ wrongful death case getting ready to go to trial), our local medieval re-enacting group just hosted an event (and I was the class-coordinator and taught several classes), I’m looking for a new job when I have time, oh, and I’ve been sick for two weeks (my cold morphed into bronchitis and I’ve had the cough-from-hell). Needless to say, blogging hasn’t been high on my to-do list.

My husband made the suggestion a couple of days ago that maybe I needed to write something else and see if I can get an “in” in the publishing industry that way. I told him I had already been thinking about it–hence the book in the living room floor that I bought at a library sale: Writing Romance Fiction for Love and Money. He was surprised. He said he hadn’t been thinking about romance, necessarily, but why not?

National Novel Writing Month starts November 1, and I don’t have any plans for my weekends for the month, so I thought that maybe I would see if I can turn out a romance novel. I started a new story last year, but didn’t get very far before the idea petered out and I became more interested in putting time into my second book. But I still have the characters and setting; sticking it into a romance formula might just give it the structure it needs to come to a successful conclusion.

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