Need a New Genre?

I happened to see a picture of Patrick Stewart the other day in a goatee, and I must say, he  is looking particularly fine these days–especially in tight t-shirts. (And I didn’t know until today that he’s been knighted, so that’s Sir Patrick Stewart.) I keep trying to talk my husband into trimming his beard down to a goatee. I mean, check the hotness factor here. I don’t know why, but there’s something almost dangerous about a man with a goatee–but dangerous in a sexy way.

If my first choice to play Joshua in the movies based on my books (if you’re going to dream, dream big), Oded Fehr, completely and totally breaks my heart, I’d certainly crawl on my belly and kiss Sir Patrick Stewart’s toes and beg him to be in my movie. Going to have to do something about the hair, though; Joshua’s not bald (although no one does bald sexier than Patrick Stewart).

 You know, from a Jewish perspective, it’s actually wrong to find weapons of war attractive. Thus, why God invented Yom Kippur.

“Dear God, I’m sorry that I have lusted in my heart after Oded Fehr carrying a Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle with 40mm M203 grenade launcher and extra magazines thrust deeply into the pockets of his cargo pants, and a 9mm Barak SP-21 strapped tightly to his thigh with 15 in the mag and one in the chamber. Should You bring the Redemption in my lifetime, I will try not to lust after him while he’s using his plowshare to dig deep into the soft, moist soil–chest bare and muscles straining under a glistening dew of sweat……….”

“Dear God, I need some help with the lust thing. Sincerely, Keri.”

(You know, maybe I need to write a romance novel and see if I have better luck getting it published.)


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