Pandora for Art

I just had a great idea (which probably means someone has already had it and has capitalized on it); there needs to be a Pandora for art. Someone needs to genome art and then, by liking or disliking pictures, you create a filter so what you are shown is increasingly likely to be something you will enjoy. Think of the desktop background applications! Oh, yeah, and introduction to art. Links would be provided to museums who hold the original, or to the artist, so you could order prints.

I’ve noticed, when I look at pictures, I tend to be drawn to the same things over and over again. Whether it’s a photograph or a painting, I like crisp lines, fine details, and bright colors–especially when they are in sharp contrast. When it’s a painting, I like realism, emotion, and romantic themes.


Oddly enough, I like landscape photographs, but rarely like landscape paintings, and likewise I like paintings of people, but rarely photographs of people.


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