New Pages

I’ve added a couple of new pages to the right-hand sidebar: Canichmeh kinship and Orunameh in WWII.

The first is–for me–a fairly short explanation of the three types of kinship among vampires. It explains why Anselm and Micah call each other brothers, even though they are not brothers by birth or by sire.

The second is a paper published by a Canichmeh that briefly recounts the actions of the Orunameh (Canichmeh and Yaechahre are collectively referred to as “Orunameh”) during WWII. This was another exercise in historical research for me, as I dug up dates and places and got an education on various resistance movements in Europe. While the entire thing is fiction, of course, the stories within it are very much based on or are an amalgamation of real events during WWII. For all my fictional heroes, there were real people who did the same thing.

As a footnote, in the listing of the deceased, James Stewart was Rose’s husband; Eva Matthews was her sister (and only sibling). She lost Eva less than a year before James died.


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