Time for a Change

I’m changing up my blog theme, just because I get bored looking at the same thing all the time. It may take me a day to get my sidebars back to the way I had them, because they don’t move from theme to theme very well.

Here’s something to make you think: A website–which hosted a forum I am active on–suddenly, and without warning, closed down shop. I had two people’s e-mail addresses, and one of them had two more people’s addresses, and the other woman had one contact who had another contact. Together we’re trying to figure out if we need to start another forum and if so, where?

What would happen if your favorite forum disappeared just as suddenly? What if your social media program (e.g. Facebook) went offline for several days or weeks? What if you lost your cell phone? Do you know how to get into contact with anyone outside these mediums? Do you have a paper or electronic file copy of people’s addresses and phone numbers and e-mails?

Maybe you should take some time this week to back up your contacts. It’s never a good idea to rely on only one piece of technology to run such a large part of your life.


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