Querying Again

What did I say a couple of weeks ago about not sending out any more agent queries? And what am I doing now? Sending out more. It’s painful, and you avoid it, but at the same time you come back to it. It’s like a drug… without the fantastic high. Hope is nice, but not fabulous. And the longer you go on, the less you have.

I’m going with my remade query letter (I think this makes version 3). I’m not getting anywhere with the one I had, so why not go out on a limb and try a hook?

I still plan on putting most of my efforts into submitting to publishers, but I don’t want to do that until I’ve had one last read-through of my book (I know, I’m obsessed). I know it’s impossible to catch every single grammatical mistake and typo, but the less I have, the better I look. As I’m currently reading through my latest proof, I figure I might as well shoot out a few more query letters to agents. I’m certainly not going to get published if I don’t try at all.

I’ve also been spending some time working on my second book. I’m getting close to the end, but here’s where it’s most sketchy. I know how it ends, but there are still holes that need to be closed. But I’ve been doing some really good writing the last couple of days. It’s so dialogue and character-centered that I don’t know how much of it will stay in, but writing is never wasted; everything I write helps me understand my characters better. I have a feeling a lot of it will stay in, though; the second book is not as action-driven as the first book, but I’m working on making it an emotional rollercoaster. Instead of the tension of never knowing what’s going to happen next, I want my readers to feel the tension between my characters and be worried about who is going to end up emotionally scarred. I want pain and tears.


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