I have been busy writing and updating older material over on my Squidoo page for the past several days.

What is Squidoo, you ask? Squidoo is sort of a cross between blogging, website building, and freelance writing. You create a single page using easy-to-use building blocks (e.g. text modules, link modules, etc.) on any topic you want, then publish it. It’s as easy or easier to use than your standard blogging site.

If you always wanted to build a website on anything, but don’t know how, then Squidoo is probably a viable option for you.

I first heard about Squidoo when I was researching internet marketing for a business I was trying to start. In order to get my business’s name out there, I wrote articles on Squidoo and promoted my business website and Etsy store. The business didn’t go anywhere, but I was hooked on making articles (called “lenses”) on Squidoo. I write short research papers all the time just for fun (I know, I’m weird). I’ve had the intention of publishing them in my re-enactment newsletter, but I’ve belonged to small local groups the last several years and none of them publish a newsletter. So all of this good information was just sitting there.

Along comes Squidoo, and I start putting my medieval research papers online. I teach some classes as part of my re-enacting too, and those go on there. And anything else I think worth writing about. In short, all of my non-fiction work goes on Squidoo.

Squidoo has an interesting thing going on, though, which sets it apart from blogging. They get ad revenue from the ads on all of the articles. They split that revenue between themselves (for running the operation) and the people who make articles. The lowest-ranked articles don’t make any money, but if you get a high-enough rank (through a combination of traffic, “Likes,” and content), you get money. I’ve been getting anywhere from $7.00-$13.00 a month. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ve not been doing anything to earn it. I make an article and there it is. If it’s popular enough, it makes me money every month. Some of my articles are two years old already, and some have generated revenue every month for those two years.

A list of all my articles on Squidoo.

I’ve recently begun putting a bit more effort into my articles in order to boost their rank and earn more money. I’ve also started adding more articles; more articles mean more potential money. And lastly I’ve gotten an account at Commission Junction, so I can do some affiliate marketing. In other words, I pick links/products to advertise on my articles, and if someone buys something, I get a sales commission. That’s where the money is for people who take Squidoo seriously (it’s a part-time or even full-time job for some people).

You can also use affiliate marketing on your blog or personal website (like this product on Amazon). You don’t have to sign up with Commission Junction (which can be a bit of work, because you then have to sign up with each company that you want to promote); if you have an Amazon account, you can be an affiliate with them. Any product you want to recommend, you can get a link or ad for it, and money goes into your Amazon account (I don’t know how payouts work, but I’m content to allow commissions to be applied to my shopping order!).


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