Point and Laugh

This is the second spammer that has posted a rambling comment on my blog in order to sell software. Let the mocking begin.

One thing that I have noticed is that there are a whole lot of earthquakes these days. Big ones too. So what does that have to do with anything?

Apparently nothing. Perhaps “confuse and redirect” is part of his scheme (although he should know that only works for combat soldiers, magicians, and pickpockets).

I found something that is just like that Easy Button that they advertise on TV for Staples.

I don’t know why, but we got those buttons at the last place I worked. I never used it. I kept advocating for one that said, “That was a pain in my ass.”

This thing I found is actually some software. There is nothing illegal or shady about it… it’s just kind of secret.

Hmm, secret software that’s not illegal or shady? I… I’m not feeling it.

And the best part – it is really running on full autopilot.

Just like now… when it’s auto-commenting on my blog.

Some people are tempted to exploit this software and use it for unethical web promotion but the owner is asking that everyone who is lucky enough to get it, please try to respect the laws of the internet.

Disclaimer: WE’RE not responsible for people using our auto-commenting software to spam people’s blogs and websites with links to porn and male enhancement products. We do not advocate illegal spamming. Not us! We’re sure there are a million legitimate, legal reasons why people would want to put comments on 10,000 websites simultaneously.

It really is as simple as downloading the software and then pushing a button.

That was easy.

This never seen before push button software proved that the best and most profitable traffic on the internet is free traffic.


You might be tempted to try to disect this software in order to ‘see the magic’ but why bother?

Maybe I like reading code. Have you ever thought about that? Hmm?

It’s a pretty amazing piece of software and it just simply… works.

But what does it do? Oh, wait, it spams comments on people’s blogs and websites. Does it also spam e-mails? Because someone took over my e-mail account yesterday and started spamming people from it, and now my account is suspended. I want to return fire. So yes, I will order one secret piece of software. Please provide me with your e-mail address so we can transact.


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