Our Dirty Little Secret

My husband and I have a book fetish.

Between us, we now have 5 full-size bookcases (almost 7 feet tall and close to 36” wide), one 2/3rd’s size bookcase, and one half-size bookcase—all full of books. And after yesterday’s Great Book Migration, they’re completely organized.

We have one bookcase with nothing on it by fiction—alphabetical by author, of course. The other book cases are non-fiction.

The smallest bookcase is in the kitchen and contain our cookbooks and recipes. The cookbooks are organized by subject, including medieval cooking, early American/country cooking, outdoor/open-fire cooking, low-car cooking, cooking by country, cooking by dish type (e.g. chicken, eggs), and general cookbooks.

Two full-size bookcases are nothing but medieval history (we’re medieval re-enactors) and are divided by subject, including: costuming, art, country, century, religion, etc. We have an entire section just on castles. My husband looked at it yesterday and said, “You know, normal people might have one book on castles. Our friends might have two or three. We have an entire section.” I replied, “You’re wrong; normal people don’t have one book on castles.”

The 2/3rd’s size bookcase is just for American history, beginning with general American history, colonial history, Rev War, WWII, Vietnam, JFK and the moon landing. Also on this shelf are a number of books on Tennessee history.

The other bookcases contain non-fiction of all other types, including: self-sufficient/survival living, home improvement/repairs, religion and mythology, languages, biography/autobiography, self-improvement, crafts (which are subdivided by craft, of course), etc. I even have my journals and research binders and old writings organized and stored on top of one of the bookcases.

It should come as no surprise that I have several years of experience working in libraries. (I even went so far, when I was unemployed, to log all of our medieval and Civil War books on Library Thing.) I estimate we have about 800 books. And I now know where every single one of them is!


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