I am a good writer, I am a good writer, I am a good writer…

Getting Published Protip #57: Get some balls of steel, because rejection is a lot like a kick in the crotch,* and you’ll need the ability to take repeated assaults.

*Author is not a man, so she can only assume there is a comparison. She has suffered some shots across the boobs, but she never whined about it. The hockey stick across the shins in P.E. class, though, did lay her low.

What’s the carnage count so far? I have put in 24 query letters. I have received 9 rejection letters and 1 request for additional materials (I never heard back after submitting the additional materials). Only 41% of the people I’ve queried have responded. If you count all the non-responses as rejections (which they, in effect, are), I have a total of 24 rejections.

Is it any wonder I drag my feet when it comes to doing query letters at this point? Or why I do a batch and then spend several months recovering? Still, my book won’t get published sitting on my couch (in a lovely proof edition).

I just sent out #25. God help me.


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