Writing Theme: Unwelcome Visitors

Inspired by real-life news stories, here are three scenarios to choose from for this week’s writing theme:

  • Awakened by a large splash in the backyard, you are immediately terrified that your child/a neighbor child/your pet has fallen in your swimming pool. Running to the back door, you see a bear (black or grizzly) doing laps.
  • Coming home from an evening out, you open your front door, and suddenly there is an explosion of sound; before you can become afraid that you’ve walked in on a burglary-in-progress, you see a male deer in your living room, frantically thrashing about.
  • Walking into your bathroom one day, you are startled to find a rather large alligator hissing at you.

 In 1-2 pages, detail what’s going on before you realize the outside has come inside (you can also do this in third person, if you want), your reaction, and how the problem is dealt with.


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