Getting Honestly Published

Here is some information for people who are trying to get published, or are seriously considering it.

Thumbs Down Agency List – The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) website maintains this list of known scammer agencies (it’s by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a good place to start). They also provide a list of things a reputable agency will not do (i.e. charge you an upfront fee for representation).

Here is an informal survey of sci-fi and fantasy writers and the average advance they receive when they sell a book, and how many sell a book with and without an agent. (I’ll throw in a spoiler: people with agents tend to receive, on average, higher advances.

Writer Beware: Learning the Ropes – How best to research the agent/publishing market in order to avoid being scammed.

Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Book Publishers – A list of publishers–large and small, print and electronic, novel and magazine–who publish these genres. You will probably do better financially with a large publisher, but you’re probably more likely to get a response from a small publisher. Of course you need to be prepared to do a lot of your own marketing (or get an agent that is serious about handling that), but you will probably need to do more with a small publisher.

On a lot of publishers’ websites, you will have to do some serious digging to find out if they accept queries direct from authors. And before you get your hopes up, a lot of publishers won’t accept from an unagented author (especially true of large publishers; less true of small ones).


3 comments on “Getting Honestly Published

  1. Christine/Leonor says:

    your list is missing 2 very well known and author friendly sci fi publishers: Tor and Baen Books both are very assessable and always have reps at the larger sci fi cons…

  2. Christine/Leonor says:

    I wondered about that; Baen is great. They take a while on hearing back but they do well for their authors. Tor does well too, even though they are actually part of a med. sized publisher that is owned by a major publisher; probably bc they are far enough away from them they actually can do their job 🙂 Good Luck I hope you hear from someone soon!

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