My Spring To-Do List

My to-do list includes a major house cleaning: one section of the house per weekend, for 4 weekends. I’m going to do a top-to-bottom cleaning, and do all those things that never get done: wash windows, curtains and blinds, clean the fans, vacuum the baseboards, tear down the cobwebs, etc.

Have you ever seen the dwarves’ cottage, when Snow White first arrives? Yeah, our house kind of looks like that (as evidenced by the photo). I just want an army of anthropomorphic forest creatures to do most of the work for me. All I have, at present, are two cats who make many more messes than they ever clean up.

When I get done with that, it’ll be Easter, which means I can plant my garden the fifth weekend (I have to start the early seeds this weekend).

And yes, spring has sprung in TN, although today is cold. Bring back the warm weather!

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