Bad Ass Libyan Rebels

I think it’s kind of sad that the most traffic my blog has gotten in a while is when I made a couple of posts about Charlie Sheen’s ranting. I just posted about it because I didn’t have anything better to talk about. Apparently my normal blogging is a bit too high brow. Or maybe it’s just boring. (Of course, it could be both.)

This picture came from MSN this morning (by way of Associated Press, I believe). I just found it a striking picture, mainly because it’s rather surreal. It looks like something out of a Hollywood movie, doesn’t it? You’ve got this Mad Max sort of apocalyptic desert, a gun mounted in the back of truck (kind of conjures up images of Escape from New York and Red Dawn). And then there’s the red Ford Fiesta sitting in the background–like it belongs to the camera crew, and would be out of sight during normal filming.

Still, you have to give it to this man, lying out in the open, trying to shoot down Gadhafi-loyal aircraft. If he does this frequently, he must have thighs and an ass of steel. There’s nothing like holding a leg lift, while resting a small machine gun on it–and firing. And I like how he has his sunglasses pushed up, so he can better see what he’s shooting at.

Perhaps its my Southern, Rebel heritage, but there is something about the man in this picture, that makes me realize, you know what, I’ve got a cushy life, where being principled is easy. I’ve never had to risk my life (or my toes) fighting for what I believe in. I can only hope, if things ever change, I will have the courage to fight for my convictions. And that I will have a proper bipod for my machine gun.

Here’s hoping for a brighter future for Libya… and that they can trade their Fords in for Audis.


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