Requested Materials SENT

I mailed the requested materials to the agent today! I took a picture of the package with my cell phone, but unfortunately I don’t seem to have the ability to e-mail it to myself; I can only send it to other phones.

This is a list I made on a previous post. I am one more milestone further along the road!

Milestones of Writing

1) Having an idea/telling everyone you want to be a writer.
            Participants: Damn near everyone in the Western World

2) Writing something.
            Participants: A quarter of damn near everyone in the Western World.

3) Finishing a novel.
            Participants: Several hundred thousand people.

4) Actually querying agents/publishers.
            Participants: A few hundred thousand people.

5) Getting a rejection letter.
            Participants: Everyone who did Milestone #4.

6) Getting a request for a partial or full manuscript.
            Participants: A hundred thousand people.

7) Get an offer from an agent.
            Participants: Less than a hundred thousand people.

8) Get published.
            Participants: A few thousand less than in #7.

*Statistics are for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to be wholly accurate.

I was on #5. Now I’m up to #6. Come on #8!

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