Query Letter DOH!

I remember, now, how I got derailed from sending out query letters a few months ago. Here’s how it went down:

  1. In my alphabetical list of agents who accept fantasy, I ran up on someone who requires a synopsis. I didn’t have one of those yet, so I researched them. It’s basically a complete summary of your book.
  2. I started reading through my book to try to distill it into a synopsis.
  3. I started finding grammatical errors and little things here and there that bothered me, so I started a begining-to-end revision.
  4. I finished the revision 2+ months later.
  5. I decided my query letter was boring, so I spent a week revising my query letter.
  6. Once again happy with my book and my query letter, I turned back to my list of agents who accept fantasy work.
  7. I pulled up the next agent on the list, and realized I need a synopsis of my book in order to submit it.

Yeah, it’s like this. And it’s suspiciously like a loop in the space-time continuum.  

Game plan: Skip that agent today, submit my query letter to someone else, spend a week or so making a synopsis, and come back to this agent. Oh, and tonight, at 7PM/6 Central, I have to be careful not to fall for evil Spock, who is deliciously logical in an evil way.


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