Humor Me: What Keeps Me Laughing

I appreciate puns, irony, tongue-in-cheek, and anything which uses words cleverly. I don’t like slapstick, low-brow, or toilet humor (although I’m not adverse to a dirty joke, so long as the punch line is clever). I do like visual gags which are creative and/or good puns.

From my book:

Anselm (a vampire): “You could never smell terrible.”

Kalyn (his human): “You obviously haven’t gotten a whiff of me after cheerleading practice in the summer,” she laughed.

He smiled, but looked almost embarrassed. “Actually, people smell better like that—when they’re hot. You smell… more like food.”

“I smell like food?”


Kalyn thought about this for a moment. “But the question is, do I taste like chicken?”

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