Too Much Whitespace: Getting Rid of Double-Spaces After Periods

WordPress has a new thing going on, encouraging everyone to either post everyday or once a week. While I would like to (and probably should) post every day, I know I won’t quite make that mark, simply because I’m not always at a computer where I can post (I don’t have mobile access). So I decided to commit to the post-a-week challenge. I need to get better about keeping this site up-to-date if I want to keep anything like a loyal fanbase.

There was an interesting article on a week or two ago, about the fact that the double-space after the period is not correct. Rather, it was an adaptation to a typewriter font problem, which no longer exists. But in terms of English-grammar rules, double-spaces are not required (or expected).

Once the article pointed out the fact two spaces after every period looks wrong, I started noticing it too. It’s especially ugly (too much whitespace) in documents which are fully-justified–like my book and all the legal documents I prepare at work. It’s not as noticeable (I don’t think) on computer screens as it is in print; the excessive whitespace was much more noticeable in the proof copy of my book.

I ended up doing a find/replace of every double space in my book, and I replaced it with a single space. I have to admit, it’s taking some getting used to–only putting one space after a period when typing–but I’m working on it.

One comment on “Too Much Whitespace: Getting Rid of Double-Spaces After Periods

  1. Wallace says:

    Glad you’ve taken up this challenge. I keep meaning to post an article a week to my LiveJournal, but I keep forgetting. How about if I read yours and you read mine and we can give each other a little mild encouragement each week to keep us on track. I read your article on extra spaces, something new to me since I only use one space ever, if I’m lucky and my fingers don’t slip. Seems my laptop doesn’t like to let me type double letters unless I do so very slowly and I have to smack the space bar to get any spaces at all. So, here’s my LiveJournal if you’d like to give it a read:

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