A Fictional Character I’d Like to Hang Out With for a Day

medieval baker

Is it really egotistical to bring one of my own characters to life?  I’ve spent so much time developing them, they already seem like real people to me.

If my character of choice existed as a real person (as opposed to a vampire who has been alive for centuries) I’d definitely take Joshua. He’s my favorite character for many reasons, not the least of which is because he’s quite the ladies’ man. Going out to dinner with him, taking in some cultural amusements, having intellectual discussion, etc. would definitely be a nice way to spend a day.

However, if my character came to life exactly as he is in my books, I’d pick Anselm. We would spend the day in my house with my medival wardrobe, costuming books and a sketchbook, and I’d be asking him a million and one questions about medieval clothing. I’d have to beat my husband off him, because he’d be trying to get in armor and Hundred Year’s War questions on the side.

Of course, I’d have to ask him to bite me once, just so I could say it had happened. But his primary function would be to give me a 24 hour lecture on the middle ages, as he lived it.

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