December 23, 2010 – Character Pictures

I have previously shown off some pictures of actors, actresses, and a few other assorted individuals, whom I think bear a great resemblance to the characters in my books.  I have finally put those pictures (with a bit of Photoshopping for artistic effect) on each character’s biography. 

I gave my boss my proof copy to read, and she ended up getting so into it, she said she postponed her Christmas shopping to finish it.  Then she called me, begging to know if Anselm and Kalyn end up together.  “I’ve got to know!”

It helps when you know the author; you don’t have to wait for the second book to get some information.  Note, I said “some.”  I am keeping my choicest secrets close to breast.  Even my husband doesn’t yet know my biggest shock in the second book.

I really have to get back on agent shopping after the first of the year.


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