November 24, 2010 – A Singular People with a Singular God

Yes, I still exist.  Work has been very hectic for the past few weeks, and when I get home, I don’t want to do much other than read or play The Sims, eat my supper, then go to bed.

However, I have been managing to squeeze in some research into Judaism.  I had previously been under the impression that the Midianites and Moabites had been closely-related to the Jewish people and were also monotheists.  While it is true that both groups believe they share a common ancestor, and are therefore more closely-related than they are with other peoples (like the Egyptians or Babylonians), apparently neither group was monotheistic; only the Israelites were monotheists.

This doesn’t change the history of my vampires in any way, but it does change how I describe them slightly.


Chocolate or Vanilla?

Milka Weisse Schokolade

I like white chocolate, which is practically vanilla chocolate. How am I supposed to answer this???

And, HOLY CRAP! I've never seen a white chocolate Milka Bar before! My favorite chocolate bar in my favorite flavor. I NEED this! NOW!

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What I Would Do if a Meteor Was Going to Obliterate the Earth in 24 Hours

Burnside Church, Wairarapa, New Zealand, 10 December 2005

Hmm, I think I might try and make things right. Call all my family, make any necessary apologies, express love, talk to my friends (can you imagine how busy Facebook would be on the Last Day?), go to chuch and confess, get my absolution, and then, once I felt I had my soul squared away, my husband and I would sit on the couch, watch our favorite movies and eat whatever we want (for him, as a diabetic, that would probably be a honey baked ham and a chocolate dessert of some kind; for me, with a sensitive stomach, I think it would involve biscuits and gravy, a 2-liter of Mountain Dew and a half-gallon of Blue Bell's Pistacio Ice Cream).

If I had more lead time, we'd go to Ireland and spend our last day there, but this is what I'd do if we didn't have much advance warning.

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My Favorite Celebrity

Dolly Parton 2006

I think Dolly Parton is a real classy lady. She's been married to the same man since she was a young woman, and you never see her embroiled in any scandal like drunk driving or infidelity or anything like that. She very tactfully keeps her private life private and behaves like a lady in public. She seems to have boundless energy, she's quite intelligent, and she has never forgotten where she comes from–and her forbidable charity work for rural Tennessee and especially poor children in East Tennessee, reflects that.

A lot of young celebrities–both actors and singers–need to take a leaf from her book and learn how to act in public and balance their public and private lives.

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Dear Friends: American Photographs of Men Together 1840-1918

Do you ever have one of those days where you start to read something, then click a link, then click another link and end up, frequently, far from where you started?  That happened to me today.  I can’t even remember where I started, but I ended up on this article, which is about an interesting concept that a photographer is playing with: he asks two perfect strangers to stand together and touch one another.  How they choose to touch one another, their expressions, etc. are quite interesting.

In that particular article was a reference to an exhibit of old photographs of men who are affectionately embracing.  In other words, the exact opposite poses and expressions you get from strangers.  I am familiar with photos of this sort, as they were common during the Civil War.  In fact, Micah and Anselm’s relationship is based, in part, on descriptions of friendships in Sam Watkins’ book, Co. Aytch, which Sam wrote about his service in the Confederate Army. 

I already know, when I get my books published, people are going to ask, “Are Anselm and Micah gay?” because they are very close and affectionate in ways that modern American men (but not so much men in other countries) are not.  Here, everyone seems to be afraid of being labled as a homosexual if they hug a friend of the same sex (this is much more true among men than women, but I’m afraid it’s getting that way among women too), but in the 19th century, it was not uncommon for perfectly straight men, who were friends, to walk down the street together arm-in-arm (the article explains that during the Victorian Period, especially, there was a lot of emphasis on men and women keeping very separate social circles, so close relationships between the sexes were better able to develop).       

Anselm and Micah have a more Victorian notion of friendship, not to mention they have shared the comraderie of warfare as well.  And, to top it off, vampires in my book are naturally quite affectionate towards one another; they are instinctually attracted to others of their own kind and find physical contact comforting and calming.  So yes, it’s perfectly possible for them to be very close and not be gay; you just have to suspend modern judgment and remember that Anselm and Micah, despite their modern appearance, are still products of a different time and place, and they act accordingly.