My Dating Deal Breakers

Doesn’t pay for the first date.
Sorry, but the man pays for the first date (if we get to two dates, I offer to treat the next time, so it equals out).

Lesson for men: if the woman offers to pay her share, say, “No, no, I’ve got it.” I offer to pay my share–because I think it’s rude to assume that the man’s going to pick it up–but he better NOT take me up on the offer. It’s a test, men; politely decline the offer.

And all you feminists who get angry when the man wants to pay, shut the hell up and learn how to be gracious and grateful when someone gives you a gift; you’re ruining things for the rest of us.

Holds open doors.
If a man can’t be courteous, and act like he’s paying attention to me, then I’m not interested.

Again, women, be courteous and allow men to do this (I hold open doors for elderly people and people who are struggling with full hands; it’s politeness to offer and to accept; it has nothing to do with helplessness or subservience).

Wants sex.
Sorry, this isn’t something I do on first dates (or for subsequent ones either; I want a relationship first). And if I say no, I don’t want it, don’t beg or otherwise try to press; let it drop, or I’m going to think you’re not in control of yourself or able to think of anything else.

Is rude or impatient with anyone.
Everyone–male or female–can be judged by how they treat their inferiors. If anyone is rude to the waitstaff, taxi driver, doorman–whoever–that’s not a person I want to be with, because I’m likely to be the recipient of that same treatment in the future. Even if service is piss-poor, it’s up to the man to show patience. Laugh it off or grumble about it a little bit good-naturedly, then let it go.

Is unclean.
Men do not have to (and should not) bathe in cologne (when in doubt, wear none at all), but they should be freshly bathed (including washed hair) and have on adequate amounts of deodorant. Women don’t necessarily expect men to smell good, but they do insist they don’t smell bad.

Also, table manners. Use your napkin frequently and eat politely (eat as if your mother or grandmother was with you). There’s nothing more unattractive than someone that eats like he’s at a pig’s trough or has food on his face that he never wipes off.

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