Writing Theme

Okay, you know how they say a picture is worth 1,000 words?  Well, here’s your chance, in 1,000 words or more (that’s about 2 pages) to explain this picture.  Write a story using it as a base.  It could be in the voice of the other shoppers, it could be from the POV of the packages of meat, it could even be about this woman (please don’t make her pants talk, because no one wants to hear that story).  Is she crazy, or did she just forget to do the wash and lay out something to thaw for supper?  Does she fall under the “no shirt, no service policy?”


2 comments on “Writing Theme

  1. pinkflipflop says:

    This is an awesome assignment thanks. I will do my best. I think I am more of an editorial speaker but we will see.

    I think that we are assuming that this is a woman. I have seen many a man that the lines are distinctly blurred. I believe that if we spend a certain amount of time alone we forget that the rest of the world exists. When we don’t take care of our appearance then we send a message to the world to stay away. It creates a bit of a vaccum effect. This person could clearly be someone suffering from an illness for which they have fallen through the cracks a long time ago. That is the thing with mental health. We think we have it and then all of sudden we are walking in the supermarket and half naked. The stigma that exists with people that are unkempt or exhibiting inappropriate behaviours still exists even with health care professionals. This man/woman and their lack of clothing may be the best thing that ever happened to them. Because it isn’t until something extraordinary happens that people take notice of anyone else usually. The manager of this store who is a very aware and concerned , knows this person. Knew them before they lost their job and their health and their spouse. They have seen the downhill progression and although truly a stranger in the literal sense a friend to them tonight because they reach out to a person that is struggling on their own with something that they can’t manage anymore. They will get some help and thus start a brand new path to wellness. Our actions speak so much louder than words. Everyday.

    • Keri Peardon says:

      Yes, when I saw this woman (and yes, it is a woman), I thought about my step-father’s mother; he knew she couldn’t live alone anymore (she had Alzheimer’s) when a neighbor called to say she had walked out to her mailbox wearing nothing but a slip. So it is quite possible that this woman is, sadly, mentally ill in some way.

      That being said, I have been coming to find that there are some people who just don’t care what’s socially acceptable. If you look at People of Wal-Mart and Poorly Dressed, it absolutely boggles the mind. There are certainly people who are exhibitionists, who WANT to provoke stares and comments, but then there people who just seem clueless or don’t-give-a-shit. Working in a law firm, I’ve seen a few. Certainly not to this extent, but I have been surprised by the number of women who wear a shirt and who clearly are not wearing a bra. And we’re talking middle-aged women and grandmothers, not young women who are perky. When your boobs and the waistband of your pants meet, you definitely need to wear a bra. I’m still wondering how they manage to do it, because generally going without a bra chafes. Either they’ve got some tough nipples, or they’re angled down to the point they never touch their shirt.

      People, you ain’t fooling anyone; we can tell you’re braless and it’s unattractive. Put one on unless you want people to notice your boobs (and not in a kind way). Look in a mirror before you go out. All my clothes come from Goodwill and I still look very professional simply because I keep my clothes clean and in repair, wear the appropriate foundation garments, put on some jewelry (which I made myself), and fix my hair. In short, I give a shit. Poverty is no excuse for not giving a shit.

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