Optimist or Pessimist?

n-scale cable stay bridge, 4 lanes

I am very definitely an optimist.  I always believe that everything will work out for the best eventually.

When my husband had to quit his job because it was making him physically ill, I had been unemployed almost two years and my unemployment checks were about to run out. He was worried, but I told him we’d make it work somehow. A month later I got a job and I make just enough to support us (and he is getting close to going into business for himself).

My husband used to make fun of me because he said I build scale-model bridges of scale-model bridges. But I think that is what contributes to my optimism: I feel like I always have a backup/escape plan. So even if things crap out, I know I can handle it because I already have a second (or third or fourth) plan in place.

I don’t really believe that any one thing will work out, but rather I believe that I will survive. I am a person who survives.

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