October 21, 2010 – Setting (Life) Goals

Okay, the French podcast I downloaded yesterday is a bit too advanced for me (more an intermediate level), but that’s no problem–I found a couple of different French lessons to download which look like they are more for a beginner.  But even so, I learned enough on the drive home last night to annoy my husband when I got home (which is an unexpected, although amusing side effect). 

I’ve also been indulging in downloading various educational podcasts, including “Common Sense” and “Give Me Liberty, or Give me Death.”  Someday I might actually put music on this thing… maybe.  But at least now I’ll feel better about my commute; it won’t feel like such a waste of time if I’m learning.  Those hour-and-a-half drives back and forth from my parents’ are starting to look better too (especially now that Chattanooga has crap for radio stations; the selection is pathetic). 

All I need now is a podcast entitled “How to get published in 30 days.”  Although this podcast by Amy Tan on being creative might be helpful too. 

One of the self-help podcasts I just listened to (for shits and giggles), talked about the importance of writing down your goals, and it listed several celebrities who had gotten everything they had asked for themselves.  Of course, anyone who doesn’t make it big never gets to tell their story of how their goal-writing didn’t work, but we won’t dwell on that, because it’s a downer.  At any rate, it’s not like it costs me anything but a few minutes of time to do it, so here goes (if I achieve these things, feel free to point this out to me later).

1. Become a published author (and not with a crappy, no-name publisher or vanity publishing either; I want to be published by someone I’ve heard of before).

2. Publish a dozen or more fictional books, and at least two non-fiction books, including one on the middle ages.

3. Buy myself a house in Ireland.  And when that movie deal comes through, buy my husband a fixer-upper castle in France (another reason why I need to learn French).

4. Sell the movie rights to my books and write the screenplay myself (I’m feeling controlling; I want to retain some say over the movies so they don’t get fud up).

5. Make at least $4 million dollars on my books and movies before I’m 40 (nine more years… that’s plenty of time). 

6.  Have Oded Fehr as my personal bed toy.  And my husband will be agreeable to this.

Modest goals, I think (except for Oded, and I just threw that one in there to make the rest of my goals look attainable).  Jim Carrey supposedly set his goal at $10-$12 million.  I don’t need that much money; I can get a cottage in the west of Ireland for under $100,000 and a fixer-upper castle in France is only about half a million.  I have never wanted to be super-rich; just rich enough.  I think $4 million, prudently invested, would be enough to keep me happily comfortable the rest of my life.  And may I have a long, happy life and die in Ireland.


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