October 14, 2010 – A New Writing Exercise

I am steaming away with the querying.  I sent out three more queries today–including 50 pages of my manuscript to one agent.  I feel like this is getting easier every time I do it, so there’s a lesson for everyone else hoeing that row: it gets a little easier the more you do it, so suck it up and start, then keep at it.

I also ordered some business cards for myself yesterday from VistaPrint.  They’re “free” if you pay $5.69 S&H (you know they’re recouping their money on that S&H).  You have to click through a lot of advertisements trying to get you to buy more stuff, but I think it’s worth it.  I bought some when I was looking for a job and had my contact info put on it and what work I was looking for.  These I’ve ordered this time, though, have my name and “writer” on them, along with my phone #, e-mail address and blog address.  I’m getting ready to start going to some NaNoWriMo events, so I want something I can hand out when I’m networking with other writers.  You never know where that might lead. 

I know I promised months ago to put up a new writing exercise every week, and I haven’t done that in ages.  In honor of NaNoWriMo getting ready to kick off in November, here’s an exercise to get your brain to working.

In one page or more, murder someone.  It can be as dramatic or sneaky as you want.  It can involve ninjas.  Just take at least one page to set up the murder and have it happen.  (I get to murder a lot of people in my book; it’s fun!)


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