Canichmeh Scripture

Okay, I have reorganized the right side bar a little, so that it’s in outline format (mm, outlines).  Pages which contain more detailed information are listed below pages which are more general. 

I have also added the page Canichmeh Scripture.  This is the vampire’s story of how they came to be (a story Joshua summarizes for Kalyn in the first book).  This is not meant to be an exhaustive history (they have a few thousand years’ worth of writings about their people), but unlike the histories and genealogies which came later, this is understood by all to be mythic in part or whole.  There is no proof that this is actually how their people came into existence, and the fact that it is strongly interlinked with Hebrew scripture/history indicates that some heavy borrowing took place.  It is thought that the first four parts were written well after the widespread establishment of their species, and it was done to justify their connection with the Israelites, and to explain where they came from, and why they are different from humans.  Still, their book of genesis is treated reverentially and as a religious text.  

The final part of the scripture, regarding the laws, is believed to have actually been written following one of the earliest–if not the first–Convening of the Council.  The fact that the scribe wrote his name at the beginning indicates that it was recorded during an actual meeting, as opposed to being written some time later (in fact, every recording of law, inquest, or Convening has the name of the scribe written at the beginning–to this day).  The laws have been added to since then, and altered (I have noted the ones that have been amended), but these very definitely form the basis of everything that has come since.


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