September 29, 2010 – More Character Pictures

A friend at work is reading my book and giving me feedback.  I was showing her the pictures I had collected of people who resemble my characters, and realized I had never gotten around to putting up Kalyn and Micah’s pictures.  So, here they are.


The young woman is Astrid Berges-Frisbey, a French actress who will be staring in the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie (as a mermaid, apparently). 

The man is actually an author, not an actor, by the name of Jonathan Safran Foer (I find it rather humorous that when I finally find a picture of a guy who looks like Micah, it turns out to be a writer; it just seems fitting somehow).  Obviously Micah doesn’t wear glasses, though (although why don’t I look cute like this in glasses?). 


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