The Most Bizarre Person I’ve Ever Met

Gerald R. Ford Funeral | Secret Service Agent Kevin

A guy that came into the retail store where I worked and told me he was retired from the CIA. He showed me what looked like a valid CIA card–with holographic crosshairs over his picture. He told me a few stories. When I mentioned them to a friend of mine at the store, she blew me off and said she’d talked to him before and he was just a local crazy.

Then a man standing near us spoke up and said the man we were talking about was his uncle. And yes, he was not all there now, but they had seen things and heard things as kids that made them all think that yes, he really had been in the CIA. And the man was a genuis to boot.

I found it to be an interesting diversion from the teduim of working retail, but my friend was mortified the man’s nephew had overheard us (even though he agreed that his uncle was more than a bit of a nut).

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