September 16, 2010 – Pre-Raphaelite Art

I ordered a proof copy of my book back before I did my final edits.  I decided yesterday that I would order another one, seeing how I’ve made so many changes.  I want my husband, in particular, to read it again and give me his opinion, but he seems reluctant to read it on the computer (he has mentioned before that he hates reading things on the computer).  I may let a few other people read it as well, and book form is easier in all of those cases.  I also have to admit I wanted to see what it looked like with the picture I’ve chosen for the cover.  So I started the ordering process on it today.

While looking through pictures for potential book covers (all of this assumes my agent/publisher will even allow me to suggest my own), I have fallen in love with Pre-Raphaelite paintings (the cover I’ve chosen for my first book is an example).  I love the detail, the color, and the almost photo-realism in so many of them.  They were also fond of painting people with deep emotion.

This is entitled The Black Brunswicker, by John Everett Millais.  I’m not going to use it for any covers, but I still like it as a painting.  Notice the satin of her dress.  That is some amazing painting.  I’ve handled fabric enough to know that looks exactly like satin.  Photo-realistic satin.  You can even see the fold lines in the skirt where it’s been flat-folded and stored in a drawer or trunk.  I believe that the wall covering is silk; you can see what appears to be wrinkles in it behind him.  I know from touring the Biltmore that silk wall coverings were used during the Victorian Era.


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