September 13, 2010 – Book Cover

I am seriously considering this painting as my book cover. 

I think it’s simultaneously sweet and sad—which pretty much sums up the action in the first book—and conveys Anselm and Kalyn’s relationship.  The original symbolism in the painting is related to the French religious wars.  If I’ve ID’ed the figures correctly, she is Catholic and he is a Hugenot.  She is trying to tie a scarf on his shoulder to mark him as a Catholic, so he won’t be attacked, but he is gently refusing it, not wanting to hide who he is.

A friend said I needed a cover which indicated the book as being about vampires.  I’m a little reluctant to do that, thought, since I find a lot of that sort of art hokey or over-the-top.  I mean, how many black-and-white pictures of naked women with red flowers or red blood can you have?  I’d rather not have my cover overtly “vampire” because, while many of my characters are vampires, I don’t feel that that drives the story.  I mean, if you took the vampires out of Twlight, or made them human, you’d have nothing. 

I think my books would still work even if everyone was human.  Kalyn isn’t attracted to Anselm because he’s a vampire.  Their relationship is more universal than that, depicting the issues surrounding an older-man, younger-woman relationship, as well as mentor with student (it’s not an accident that one of the names in the book is Abelard; Abelard and Heloise were a well-known medieval romance; he was her tutor and lover).  You also have the overarching plot line of good-versus-evil plotline, which works for any species. 

But, at the same time, I think this particular picture does convey the sadness and romance which the reader will find.  And, as usual, I’m attracted to older art (this is a Victorian romantic painting meant to be depicting the late 17th century).  Which is part of the reason why I wrote about vampires in the first place; I liked the idea of playing with characters who have lived through a lot of history.  A historic-based painting seems only appropriate.    


P.S. I love this pic so much, I’m going to reorient my blog theme around it.  Be patient while I customize my new theme to look pretty.


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