September 9, 2010 – Now with Fangs

I did an experiment last night.  I made myself a pair of fangs (fake fingernails trimmed to size and glued on with denture adhesive) and wore them for a little while.  I came to a couple of conclusions: 1, fangs have to curve in slightly, like cat’s teeth.  Fake fingernails do not curve in sufficiently in the right place, so you end up biting the inside of your own lip surprisingly frequently.  They just have to curve inwards enough that they lay right up against the bottom teeth with the mouth is closed; problem solved.

Conclusion 2: You can speak, sing and even smile without flashing fang, but it would require some practice, as it’s not 100% natural (at least not to me and my usual facial expressions).  But I think with a little practice, it would become a habit; a new normal, if you will. 

Another query off!  Maybe after I’ve done a dozen or so of these, it will start to seem real; I am really working on selling my book!


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