September 7, 2010 – On to Phase Two!

I am completely, 100% FINALLY FINISHED!  I’ve done my final edit and my final read-through. 

I have written a novel.  Even if I don’t get published (if I get desperate enough in a couple of years, I will vanity publish, although that’s a very last resort), I am way ahead of the millions of people who say they want to write one, but never get around to it. 

I am now ready to start querying for agents.  I’m going to start with Query Shark, because she is an actual agent, and in her spare time, she critiques people’s queries.  I don’t know if she will critique mine or not, but it’s worth a try.  I wrote my query based on the information she provided, so hopefully it will appeal to other agents, at the very least.  Agents and publishers and even a lot of professional writers all agree that the query is actually the most important thing you write, because it sells your book.  It doesn’t matter how great your book is, if you can’t convince anyone to read it, you will never get published.    

Here is my query letter:

 Dear [Agent]:

Kalyn Reid is just sixteen when she is formally accepted into the Yaechahre—a group of humans who, for thousands of years, have willingly served vampires.  Her coming-of-age is anything but typical, however, even among her own people.  After losing her parents less than two weeks after her birthday, she turns to the vampire she serves for guidance and protection. 

But keeping Kalyn safe is a difficult task, even for an experienced soldier like Anselm.  Their ancient culture—discreetly nestled into modern society—is shattered by a new threat: a hybrid vampire.  Almost nothing is known about these hybrids, except they have no scruples when it comes to getting what they want—and what they want appears to be nothing less than the destruction of the ancient Canichmeh, and possibly humanity itself. 

Accepted is an urban-fantasy novel of approximately 114,500 words which begins Kalyn’s crash-entrance into adulthood.  This is the first book of a trilogy which will track Kalyn’s rapid maturity into the most important member of the vampire/human society, even as that society nearly disappears in the ensuing war.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Keri Peardon




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