September 2, 2010 – DONE!

Done, DONE, DONE with my final edit!  Now I just have to do a grammar/typo check (namely on the rewritten parts) and I’ll be ready to start sending out queries!

For those of you wondering how long it takes to write a book, I started thinking about my characters and plot the last week of October 2009; I started writing the first of November.  Some of the characters and the premise/back-story predates that time, though.  I was also unemployed when I did the majority of my work, which allowed me a lot more time to work on it (obviously).  But I’ve also written almost all of the second book and pieces and parts of two more, so it hasn’t taken a year to write just one book.   

Clear as mud?

BTW, I’ve added Ciaran’s biography to the right-hand sidebar.


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