September 1, 2010 – ARRRGH!

Keri is not a happy girl. 

Somehow I managed to close Word yesterday, without saving my work, so I lost two chapters of edits.  And to add insult to injury, when I went to retrieve the AutoRecovery file—knowing that would have most if not all of those edits—it wasn’t there.  Despite the fact that the feature is  turned on and backups are supposedly being saved to a file of my choosing, there was nothing in said file.  Not from yesterday or the day before or the past freaking month that I’ve had it set up.    

Word 2007, you suck.  Old Word saved AutoRecovery files for several days, so they were always available in just such an emergency.

Besides the two chapters I need to edit again, I only have 10 pages left to edit.  I’m trying to feel excited about that, but then I think about those lost two chapters and I just feel miffed again. 

I think I’m going to rewrite the Epilogue.  It really matched up with the original Prologue, which is gone now.  So I think I need to change the Epilogue to something that aligns with this book better.   The original one is more geared towards the overarching plot line for the trilogy. 

What the heck.  It’s been forever since I blogged, so I owe you.  Here’s the original Epilogue that I’m going to cut out:



      Shelby threw the nearest thing at hand—his cell phone—at the head of one of his vampires.  The man didn’t duck fast enough, and it bounced off his head with a crack of plastic.

      Ruined.  Erik had risked every plan that had been so carefully laid down over the past forty years just to soothe his own ego.  Now Keith was gone and every Canichmehah in the entire fucking world was going to know there were some among them who were willing to be traitors.  It would be nearly impossible to get control of other groups.  Instead of one person eliminating the entire group, it was going to take dozens of vampires to do the same thing, each having to be in position to act at the same time.

      Shelby sighed.  It could be done.  Making more vampires was easy.  Finding people who were willing to do as he commanded, however, took a little more work.  He sighed again.  Damn Erik to hell for getting himself killed on top of everything else.  He was always so good at finding the right kind of people—and plenty of them.

      “So…” one of the men finally had the courage to ask, “are we… going to try and find the vampires that killed our people?”

      “No,” Shelby said firmly.  “We’ll ruin everything if we get our revenge in bites; I want everything all at once.  …Something that I tried to tell Erik, and look where it got him.  Maybe now you all will listen to me more carefully.”

      “Yes Master,” the group said in a low voice.

      “Bring me the child,” Shelby said imperiously.

      “Which one?”

      “The human one, stupid.  What do I want with the other one?”  Shelby hit the table in front of him angrily; another thing Erik ruined.

      His tension eased a little as someone lead Brent into the room.  He bent down and picked the child up and sat him on his lap.  Brent stared up at him with large eyes, but said nothing. 

      A part of Shelby knew that the child wasn’t quite right anymore, but that didn’t stop him from being hungry.  He would worry about the child once he had had a taste.  It had been so long since he had a young Yaechahre for his own.


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